Greg Kelly, NYPD Commissioner’s Son, Accused of Rape

Ray Kelly’s son has been accused of rape. Read full coverage.

Greg Kelly, Fox’s Good Day New York co-host and the son of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, has been accused of rape. Kelly was not on the air Thursday morning at Good Day New York. The woman said she had drinks with Kelly at South Street Seaport on Oct. 8, and then, she alleges, he raped her in her law office in downtown Manhattan. She did not report the alleged assault until Tuesday night, when she walked into a police station and gave a report, police said. DNA Info reported that the woman is pregnant and that she called up Kelly and said "what did you do to me?" The accuser reportedly told police that her boyfriend was so angry about the incident that he approached the police commissioner at a public event. Because of Kelly’s father’s position in the New York Police Department, the case was quickly handed over to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. Kelly denied the accusation through his lawyer, and Good Day New York gave a brief report on the incident but did not note Kelly’s status with the program.

Ray Kelly’s Lonely Warby Wayne Barrett

A few days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Ray Kelly, the face of the NYPD, especially the jaw, turned 70. In his second tour of duty as police commissioner, after a year and a half under Mayor David Dinkins in the '90s and nine under Mike Bloomberg, Kelly still polls at the top of the field for the 2013 mayoral election. He is as close to a god in a city where heroes become villains in the flick of a flashbulb as any public figure has been in my 40 years of covering New York.

He is mostly revered because he is not Rudy Giuliani. Though he and Giuliani graduated just a couple of years apart from the same Catholic college, and though both have laid claim to dramatic declines in the city’s crime rate, Giuliani polarized the city Kelly has calmed. Kelly’s father was a milkman; Giuliani’s did time in Sing Sing for the armed robbery of one. Giuliani was determined to prove how tough he was by scapegoating blacks. Ex-Marine, Vietnam vet, 40-year veteran of the force, Kelly is, even now in the midst of all the controversies swirling around the NYPD, overseeing administrative proceedings against the acquitted cops who fired many of the 50 bullets that killed unarmed Sean Bell outside a strip club in 2006. He appears to be after their badges for the sake of the badge.