Grifter Congressman Facing Ethics Investigation

Steve Stockman, the controversial Texas congressman, announced Friday that he was under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.


Steve Stockman, the Texas congressman who ran a bizarre primary campaign for U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican John Cornyn is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

On Friday afternoon Stockman's office announced that Office of Congressional Ethics was continuing a review of a referral from the FEC for it described as a "reporting error" made by a campaign volunteer. In a statement attributed to the Congressman, Stockman said “My office is aware of and is cooperating fully with the Ethics Committee’s preliminary inquiry into an FEC reporting error. I thus join 34 of my colleagues who have also been the subject of an O.C.E. review in the 113th Congress, and am confident the Ethics Committee will ultimately dismiss the matter after it completes a careful review."

Ethical questions have repeatedly been raised about Stockman in the past. His convoluted personal finances were the subject of an expose in the Houston Chronicle in 2013 and the Texas congressman, who disappeared for weeks during his Senate campaign, has a history of lying to reporters and voters alike.

The House Ethics Committee won't release its report until Monday but it will be interesting to see if its investigation matches up in any way to the one described by Stockman's office. In the meantime, Stockman's spokesman again didn't respond to inquires from The Daily Beast.