Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler Among 120,000 Left Off L.A. County Voter Roll

Wait, did they check under Arthur Fonzarelli? Actor Henry Winkler, known for playing The Fonz in Happy Days, says he was among the nearly 120,000 California voters mistakenly left off the voter rolls in Los Angeles County for Tuesday’s primary election. The Arrested Development star and some 118,521 others were omitted from the roster that poll workers use to check in voters at their polling place due to what’s been described as a printing error. A spokesman with the county registrar said the office did not know which parts of the county were affected, but some 1,530 precincts of the 4,357 Los Angeles County voting locations were affected, CNN reports. The error could lead to a major delay in final results from the county as an increase in provisional ballots could delay the count for days. Winkler tweeted late Tuesday: “My name was left off the polling registry today on Los Angeles.”