Heroic Raccoon Captivates World by Climbing Minnesota Skyscraper

A daredevil raccoon that sent the internet into a frenzy with its attempt to climb a Minnesota skyscraper has made it safely to the top. The dramatic scenes began after workers removed the death-defying trash panda from the roof of an office block in St. Paul. It headed to the nearby UBS tower—one of the tallest buildings in the city—and started its climb. Twitter users followed every step of the creature’s stunt through Tuesday and, as the city slept, he made it to the top. A live feed showed the parkour critter reaching the summit of the 25-story building around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. After it reached the roof, the raccoon was trapped, reports said. Mayor Melvin Carter tweeted shortly before the end of the climb: “Even wild animals know @cityofsaintpaul is a great place to reach for higher heights. We’re working with staff & building owner to find a way to help #MPRraccoon without further endangering it or staff by scaring or making it feel threatened.”