High-Calorie Food Surprises, from Granola to Pesto

Think granola is a lighter breakfast option than bacon? Think again: One cup packs the same caloric punch as 10 slices. VIEW OUR GALLERY of 13 foods that give burgers and doughnuts a run for their money.

With Memorial Day cookouts behind us and swimsuit season looming, now seems the perfect time to examine just what we’ve been putting in our mouths. To keep it simple, we’re looking only at calories—those basic units that are guaranteed to make us gain weight, if we don’t compensate with activity. Factors like nutritional value, fat, sodium, and sugar aren’t considered. But if you think you’ve been eating healthy and found your waistline mysteriously expanding, our equations might explain why. Plus, the 41 deadliest fast-food meals.

Note: Calorie counts are estimates and may vary.

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