Hillary Clinton Congratulates SNL’s Kate McKinnon on Emmy Win

Accepting her first-ever Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon reserved special thanks for two women she regularly impersonates on the show: Ellen DeGeneres and Hillary Clinton. Moments later, Clinton returned the favor with a tweet, congratulating McKinnon on the win and adding, “Big fan of yours too.” (The tweet did not contain the “-H” that indicates it was written by the candidate personally.)

Last year’s SNL season premiere included a cameo from Clinton as Val the bartender, who commiserated with McKinnon’s Hillary over her struggles to connect with voters and a tough primary opponent in Bernie Sanders. With Donald Trump closing the gap in national and swing-state polls and the election less than two months away, we can likely expect another appearance by Clinton when SNL returns to the air on Oct. 1, just five days after the first presidential debate.

— Matt Wilstein