Hilton Hotel Fires Two Employees Who Called Police On Black Guest

A Hilton hotel in Portland, Oregon fired two employees after a black guest captured them on video calling the police to report him for trespassing after he had been using his phone in the lobby, the hotel said on Saturday. The guest, Jermaine Massey, had been speaking to his mother in the lobby when the police were called on him. Massey videotaped his interactions with the employees, a security guard and manager, and posted the video to Instagram where it was widely viewed. Police responded to the call and escorted Massey out of the hotel even though he was staying there. Hilton said in a statement it has no tolerance for racism and was working with the independently owned hotel to reinforce diversity training. “Our hotel is a place of hospitality, and their actions were inconsistent with our standards and values,” Hilton said in the statement. In the video the security guard tells Massey that police are arriving to escort him away, to which Massey protests that he is a guest at the hotel. “Not anymore,” the guard responds. His attorneys said Massey was doing nothing more than “calling his mother while black.”