House Democrats Not Giving Up on Getting Mueller to Testify

Democrats on Capitol Hill are not giving up on finding a way to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify even after Mueller said on Wednesday that he would not go beyond what was written in his report, according to two individuals with knowledge of ongoing negotiations.

Speaking at the Department of Justice, Mueller said he would be resigning from his post as special counsel and would return to private life. But despite no longer being a government employee, he made it clear that he did not have a desire to speak before Congress. “No one has told me whether I can or should testify or speak further about this matter,” Mueller said. “I do not believe it is appropriate for me to speak further about the investigation or to comment on the actions of the justice department or congress. And it’s for that reason I will not be taking questions today, as well.”

House Democratic staffers plan to meet later Wednesday to discuss Mueller’s statement and strategize about how to move forward with his possible appearance in front of Congress. In the past, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) had said that he would consider subpoenaing Mueller if he chose not to testify, though the congressman said he had hoped it wouldn’t come to that.