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How A Wallet-Sized Battery Can Solve Your Power Needs

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Nothing's worse than being on the road and realizing your devices have low battery life left. And who wants to be searching for an outlet at a crowded coffeeshop? Fortunately there is a product out there that solves your power needs - the LithiumCard Wallet Battery.

This sleek, slim battery is completely redefining how we think of the usually clunky portable chargers by packing tons of power into an aluminum package no thicker than five credit cards and charging at the fast rate of 1% of battery life per minute. And it is small enough to fit in your pocket!

You can also make sure that your Apple devices stay at full battery with the built-in Lightning connector and simultaneously charge both your device and LithiumCard with two flip-out charging cables when you access an outlet.

Normally the LithiumCard Wallet Battery is $59.99, but today you can purchase it for $20 (66% off!).

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