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Huckabee: Bernie’s Like a North Korean Dog-Eater

The GOP candidate and diet-book guru fired a potshot at Sanders during the Democratic debate—and it was kind of revolting.

Mike Huckabee is not a fan of dog meat. Or Bernie Sanders.

On Tuesday night, as the Democratic presidential candidates took to the debate stage in Las Vegas to talk policy, the Republican candidates hid behind their big bad screens, like the rest of us, on social media.

“I trust @BernieSanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my labrador! #DemDebate,” Huck tweeted.

The GOP candidates are used to fighting for the spotlight within the context of their own primary, where Donald Trump has bulldozed the rest of the field into the shade as he dominates the conversation. But even when they’re being drowned out by Trump, they’re being heard. What the GOP candidates are not accustomed to is playing second fiddle to the Democrats, whose primary, in contrast to theirs, is boring as hell.

And so we have dog-meat Tweets.

A spokesman for Huckabee did not immediately respond to a request for clarification as to what the candidate—polling at 2.7 percent—meant. But it’s actually South Korea that’s known for its dog meat consumption, though North Koreans are thought to eat it, too.

Huckabee, a famous yo-yo dieter, is known for his gravy consumption. This year, he released a book titled, Guns, Grits and Gravy, despite having released a diet book, Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork, in 2006.

Chiming in on the debate show, too, was Rand Paul—polling at 2.7% like Huckabee—who tweeted at Bernie Sanders to say, “PM Thatcher was right, liberals would rather the poor were poorer so long as the rich were less rich.” He also churned out a series of memes, many of which read, #LibertyNotHillary.

Marco Rubio’s campaign responded to the Democrats by constructing a Bingo game.

Bobby Jindal chided the Democrats for not uttering the phrases, “Radical Islam, wasteful spending, baby organ harvesting, illegal immigration, or school choice.”

Jeb Bush said “Seriously?” to Clinton’s claim that Obama’s foreign policy has been a success.

And Trump, or @realDonaldTrump, noted, “Sorry, there is no STAR on the stage tonight!” and that “All are very scripted and released, two (at least) should not be on the stage.”

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Asked if Paul and Trump would trust a North Korean chef with their dogs, spokespeople for their respective campaigns did not immediately respond.