Hurricane Florence Slows, Path Shifts Toward South Carolina

Hurricane Florence has slowed down from a Category 4 to a Category 3 hurricane, with “near 120 mph” winds. The National Weather Service says that “fluctuations in strength will be possible through Thursday morning” and the hurricane is forecasted to have a “slow weakening” by late Thursday. Despite the forecast, the NWS warned that Florence will still be an “extremely dangerous major hurricane” as it nears the coast on Thursday night and Friday. North Carolina is forecasted to expect 20 to 30 inches of rainfall—with some isolated regions receiving 40 inches—which could lead to “catastrophic flash flooding and significant river flooding.” South Carolina and other affected regions are predicted to experience anywhere between three to 20 inches of rainfall. Earlier Wednesday, the NWS said Florence’s path had shifted toward South Carolina and the storm is projected to encompass more of South Carolina and western North Carolina. The hurricane is directed towards some of the most well-known military bases in the country, and some Marines have opted to stay behind in Camp Lejeune. “Since 1941, this base and its Marines have been postured to deal with crises at home and abroad and Hurricane Florence is no exception,” Brig. Gen. Julian D. Alford said late Tuesday.