ICE Continues Releasing Asylum-Seekers in Texas Park

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is releasing asylum-seekers at a Texas park with no apparent plans to house them. About 400 men, women, and children had been dropped off at a Greyhound bus terminal in El Paso as of Monday, NPR reports. ICE normally notifies local shelters if it does not have the space to house people, but did not contact the shelters in advance. The migrants, meanwhile, are relying on volunteers who have brought them food, water, and blankets. By Tuesday afternoon, ICE had resumed coordination with local organizations and migrants were being taken to shelters. ICE did not respond to NPR’s requests for comment, as its spokespeople were not working due to the government shutdown. A volunteer told NPR that the scene on Christmas reminded her of the plight of Mary and Joseph. “I grew up Catholic... So it seemed like a no-brainer. There are people who are hungry, who don’t have a place to stay... and it’s Christmas,” said Kathryn Schmidt.