ID’d Body May Be Charles Manson Victim From 1969

A stabbing victim who was linked to Charles Manson and his followers has been identified, some 46 years after her death. People magazine reports the so-called Jane Doe No. 59 is Reet Jurvetson, a Sweden native who grew up in Montreal. Investigators say she was 19 when she died of about 150 stab wounds to the neck and found near Los Angeles’s Mullholland Drive, in an attack similar to other Manson killings. A now-retired Los Angeles police detective, Cliff Shepard, reopened the case in 2003. He said: “Manson claims there are other victims. She could have been someone who was at Spahn Ranch.” Last June, an old friend of Jurvetson’s reportedly saw a police photograph and called her sister. Samples taken from Jane Doe #59’s bloody bra matched Jurvetson’s family members’ DNA.