Indonesia Raises Alert Level After More Volcano Eruptions

Indonesia has raised the danger level for an volcano that triggered a tsunami over the weekend, killing at least 430 people, after eruptions intensified. The country’s volcanology agency said Thursday that the Anak Krakatau alert status had been raised to the second-highest level and the exclusion zone had been more than doubled to three miles, forcing flights to reroute. On Saturday, the volcano started a tsunami that killed hundreds. “The volcanic activity of Anak Krakatau continues to increase,” said BNPB in a press statement, citing data from the Volcanological Survey of Indonesia. “The danger zone [has been] extended from 2km to 5km... people and tourists are prohibited from carrying out activities within a 5km radius.” The government has warned there’s a risk of another tsunami triggered by Krakatau’s eruptions. “There’s still a chance of a landslide, even under the sea level or on the sea level,” said Rudy Sunendar, head of the energy ministry’s geology department.