In the doghouse?

Is Lupo Being Thrown Out Of The House?

Poor old Lupo. They all seemed so chummy in those first photos.

First Kate Middleton's dog was disinvited from spending Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham – possibly after fears that there would be a repeat of the incident when the Queens corgis savaged Princess Beatrice's terrier Max – and now it appears he is being kicked out of his own home as well.

Although William and Kate are believed to have specifically acquired Lupo a good few months before getting pregnant in order to encourage the dog to believe that it was a much loved member of the Windsor Wolfpack and thereby avoid jealousy of the new infant, it appears the dog has been cut out of the family circle of trust, for now at least.

For pictures are now circulating of James Middleton, Kate's brother, who runs a cake making business, taking the spry young pup out for a walk in London after sneaking out of the office. There have also been reports that James’s girlfriend Donna Air has been walking Lupo over the past few days as well, all leading to the dreadful possibility that Lupo may be jealous of George, and is being removed from the royal homestead as a result.

Personally, I believe that when it comes to the safety and security of our future monarch, no chances can be taken.

If the cocker spaniel has to be booted out, then the cocker spaniel has to be booted out.