Isaac Mizrahi to Sell Cheesecake on QVC

Who says you can't have your cake, eat it, too, and still be fabulous? Not designer Isaac Mizrahi, who will be launching a hybrid reality TV/talk show/cheesecake sales show on shopping channel QVC called “Isaac Mizrahi Live!" The first QVC show to be shot in High-definition, "Isaac Mizrahi Live!" will focus on Mizrahi's entertaining personality and myriad interests, including cheesecakes and petit fours that he's designing himself. Doug Howe, Chief Merchandising Officer of QVC, said, “We were just sitting there watching him talk, thinking, ‘My God! On air, you are going to resonate so strongly with our consumers!'” Mizrahi says he has always had a fascination with cooking, including a mild obsession with the word “sauté.” “I liked the way it sounded—sauté, sauté, sauté!” said Mizrahi.