Former Trump Transition Staffer Declares in Op-Ed: ‘It’s Time for Impeachment’

In an Atlantic op-ed on Tuesday, a former Trump transition staffer called for Donald Trump’s impeachment, saying the Mueller report was his “tipping point.” J.W. Verret, a lifelong Republican and an associate professor of law at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, said that after reading Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report twice, he “realized that enough was enough” from Trump. “If you think calling for the impeachment of a sitting Republican president would constitute career suicide for someone like me, you may end up being right,” he wrote. “But I did exactly that this weekend, tweeting that it’s time to begin impeachment proceedings.”

Verrett joined Trump’s pre-transition team in August 2016 as the deputy director of economic policy, one of the first 16 members to join the staff. Though he left amicably after three months, he said he never thought he would join the “Never Trump” efforts until reading the Mueller report. “I wanted to share my experience transitioning from Trump team member to pragmatist about Trump to advocate for his impeachment, because I think many other Republicans are starting a similar transition,” he wrote.