Jacob Wohl Admits He Lied About Plan to Swing Political Markets

Blundering pro-Trump political operative Jacob Wohl admitted in a story published Tuesday that he had hatched a plan to influence political betting markets with hoaxes—a month after lying to The Daily Beast and claiming that he had never been involved in such a plan.

In May, The Daily Beast reported on Wohl’s business plan to raise money for the Arlington Center for Political Intelligence, a group he claimed would “make shit up” about Democratic politicians to influence political betting markets. At the time, Wohl, who has become notorious for his failed attempts to smear Robert Mueller and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg with sexual assault allegations, insisted he hadn’t created the plan.

In a Washington Post story on Tuesday, though, Wohl admitted that he had created the fundraising plan, including the portion about influencing betting markets with hoaxes. This is far from the first time Wohl has been caught in a lie. In March, Wohl was caught faking death threats against himself and reporting them to police, a possible crime. —Will Sommer