James Comey Interviewed in Andrew McCabe Probe

Investigators at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia have interviewed former FBI director James Comey as part of a probe into former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, according to The Washington Post. The investigation is attempting to determine whether McCabe lied to federal agents about “authorizing a disclosure to the media,” and an interview with Comey suggests that the “office is seriously considering whether McCabe should be charged with a crime[.]” Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz accused McCabe of “misleading” investigators and Comey four times about a leak to The Wall Street Journal about him “standing in the way of a probe of Hillary Clinton’s foundation.” Horowitz then passed the case on to the U.S. Attorney’s Office to determine whether crimes were committed. Lying to prosecutors could come with a five-year prison sentence, and Comey has previously said he “could well be a witness” against McCabe if he were charged. McCabe’s lawyer told the newspaper that they were “confident” that the U.S. Attorney’s Office would not prosecute “unless there is inappropriate pressure from high levels of the Administration.”