Japan Stabbing Spree Leaves 19 Injured, at Least Two Feared Dead

A man wielding a knife in each hand and shouting “I will kill you!” left 19 people injured at a bus stop in Kawasaki City, Japan, including elementary-school children, the Associated Press reports. Police told NHK national television the suspect died after slashing his own neck. Authorities wouldn’t immediately confirm the report, or give any other specific details, including if any others had died. Police, fire fighters, and other officials were seen swarming the site in Kawasaki’s Tama Ward, a neighborhood near the Noborito railway station. Officials had reportedly detained the suspect, who appeared to be in his forties or fifties, after his self-inflicted injury. “I heard fire engines coming in the morning and I saw a man lying on the ground bleeding,” a man who lives nearby told public broadcaster NHK. “I saw many elementary-school children lying on the ground near a school bus stop. School rucksacks were scattered all over the place.”