Jesuits Reveal Names of Priests Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

The Maryland Province Jesuits, a Catholic order with priests in the Washington, D.C., area and another eight states, released a list Monday of priests who have been “credibly accused of abusing children.” The Washington Post reports the list includes five living priests, three who have left the order, and five others who have passed away. “We also apologize for participating in the harm that abuse has done to our Church, a Church that we love and that preaches God’s care for all, especially the most vulnerable among us,” the Rev. Robert Hussey, Maryland Province Jesuits leader, wrote in a letter. “We hope that this disclosure of names will contribute to reconciliation and healing.” The men listed by the order reportedly served in high schools and universities in D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. They also reportedly served in a hospital and other churches in D.C. and Maryland. According to the Post, some of the accusations stretch back to the 1950s, while others occurred in the 1990s. The newspaper also reports some priests were removed from the ministry decades after the abuse was committed. CNN reports the Midwest Province Jesuits also released a list of “credibly accused” sexual abusers Monday, which named 37 living Jesuits who allegedly abused children.

The Maryland Province Jesuits said all five living priests are currently “living in a restricted environment on a safety plan.” According to a Reveal report, 20 Jesuit priests who have been accused of sexual misconduct are living in a “retirement repository” on Gonzaga University’s campus in Spokane, Washington.

Correction: An earlier version of this cheat incorrectly attributed the Reveal report to ProPublica.