Silly Conspiracies

Jews Are Always News


It's bipartisan: both Republicans and Democrats are now convinced the other side is dominated by a shadowy Jewish financier; Democrats by George Soros, Republicans by Sheldon Adelson. From The New Republic:

What about when the donor is Sheldon Adelson, and he has given or pledged to give more than $70 million (!) to Republican groups this cycle? When he was put front-and-center at Mitt Romney’s speech in Jerusalem, and when Rep. Paul Ryan is headed to a fundraiser at the Adelson-owned Venetian three days after being announced as the vice-presidential nominee? What happens when a donor is, in effect, too big to fail?

This too-big-to-fail donor backed Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney, let's not forget. Nor does Romney seem especially inclined to grant Adelson's requests, as Eli Lake has reported on the Daily Beast:

"Romney has rejected the request so far, telling Adelson he would have to review the relevant intelligence material accessible to him as president before granting Pollard clemency, said the sources, who are relaying accounts of conversations from both Adelson and Romney. Romney “could not consider the Pollard situation because he doesn’t have access to the classified information,” one source said."


"The billionaire has also asked Romney to state publicly that Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are a waste of time because the Palestinians are unwilling to make peace, according to the sources—and he wants a firmer commitment from Romney to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in what would be a de facto recognition of Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem. For his part, Romney has not said peace talks are a waste of time and has gone only partway on the embassy question, saying he would undertake the move in consultation with the Israeli government—a campaign promise other presidents have made. (Adelson has pressed Romney to pledge to move the embassy without consulting the Israeli government.)"


“I have talked to Romney many, many, many times,” Adelson told The Jewish Journal in March, when he was still supporting the failed candidacy of former House speaker Newt Gingrich. “As recently as when he was here in Vegas for the caucuses. He’s not the bold decision maker like Newt Gingrich is. Every time I talk to him, [he says] ‘Well, let me think about it.’ Everything I’ve said to Mitt, he’s said, ‘Let me look into it.’ So he’s like Obama. When Obama was in the Illinois Senate, 186 times he voted present. Because he didn’t want to damage his record.”

Adelson is obviously a powerful and important figure in Republican politics, but he's no puppet master - to borrow a phrase from Glenn Beck's attacks on George Soros - and it's wrong, misleading, and even potentially sinister to misrepresent him as such.