David Frum is a contributing editor at The Daily Beast and a CNN contributor.

Border Wars

With technology destroying jobs for humans, adding tens of millions of new immigrants to America will only deepen inequality and poverty.


At a Florida theater Monday, a retired police officer allegedly killed a man during an argument. The cop probably thought he would prevent a crime with his gun—instead, he caused one.


It’s been a long way down for the former CIA hand and over-the-top Iraq War critic—right down to endorsing the assassinations of Barack Obama and David Cameron.

Devil in Details

As more devilish details of the U.S.-brokered nuclear agreement are revealed, it’s becoming clearer that America got a raw deal.

Filibuster Ax

Why would the Democrats, who never seem to stop worrying about overweening presidential control, roll back the filibuster—and hand their own power to Obama? They’ll be sorry, and soon.

Tough Talk

During the 2008 race, Clinton was seen as a better friend to Israel than Obama. But she was also the first top U.S. official to float the nuclear deal idea. So what happens if it fails?

Get Over It

No matter who becomes president in 2016, stripping Medicaid coverage for millions of Americans will not be an option. It’s time to start discussing how to reform—not repeal—Obamacare.


Liberals love Liz Warren and Bill de Blasio. But if Republicans keep imploding, it’s more likely that Dems will fill the power vacuum with the pro-business style of Terry McAuliffe.


Both business conservatives and Tea Partiers walked away from Tuesday’s vote feeling emboldened. How the divide could shape the 2016 presidential race.


For people with high incomes, rising insurance rates are a hassle. But for the struggling young, they’re a real problem. Here’s how the whole thing could come undone.