JonBenét Ramsey Psychiatrist Among Four Killed in Arizona

Police in Arizona say the murder of prominent forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt earlier this week is believed to be connected to several other killings near Phoenix. Pitt, perhaps most well-known for his work in the JonBenét Ramsey case in 1996, was shot dead outside his office on Thursday night. The next day, paralegals Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson were killed near their Scottsdale law firm, police said. Shortly after investigators said they believe the three killings are linked, a fourth victim turned up on Saturday. That victim has been identified only as a man who was found dead at a Scottsdale mental health counselors' office. Police have not released any details on suspects or a potential motive. “We are in the middle of our investigations so I'm not going to talk about who's being investigated or what's happening,” Scottsdale Sgt. Ben Hoster told reporters on Saturday. “We're asking for help from the public.”