Kevin Durant Leaves Team USA

Oklahoma City Thunder star and NBA MVP Kevin Durant announced on Thursday that he is withdrawing from consideration for Team USA in the FIBA World Cup. Durant broke the news to Team USA managing editor Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Kryzewski, who say Durant “expressed that he is just physically and mentally drained from the NBA season and his attention to his many responsibilities.” In a statement, Durant said, “This was an extremely difficult decision as I take great pride in representing our country. I know that I owe it to my USA Basketball teammates to be totally invested in the experience. After going through training camp with USAB, I realized I could not fulfill my responsibilities to the team from both a time and energy standpoint…I need to take a step back and take some time away, both mentally and physically in order to prepare for the upcoming NBA season. I will be rooting for USAB and look forward to future opportunities with them.”