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The Oldest Gay Bars in New York

As New York gears up to celebrate Pride weekend, a look back to New York’s earliest gay bars reveals how, long before the Stonewall Riots, LGBTs found places to be themselves.


How Jane Jacobs Saved Washington Square

Bernie Sanders had a star-studded rally in New York’s Washington Square Park. In the 1950s, a grassroots movement similar to his, led by author Jane Jacobs, saved the Square from being destroyed.


The Bars That Made America Great

From Philadelphia’s City Tavern, where American governance was drawn up, to New York’s Stonewall Inn, which sparked the modern gay rights movement, venues where boozing meets history.


The End of New York

As city rents skyrocket and small businesses close to be replaced by chain cafes and glass condos, Jeremiah Moss’s blog, Vanishing New York, keeps a rueful eye on the ‘progress.’