Jerry Brown

While governors from Wisconsin to New York battle the unions over budgets, California’s Jerry Brown is giving labor what it wants now—and may ultimately win bigger budget concessions.

In his inauguration speech on Monday, Democrat Jerry Brown pledged to slash California's staggering deficit by cutting waste and pruning spending wherever possible. He's expected to unveil his budget on January 10.

Forget Fiorina and Whitman. California's most influential businesswoman is Anne Gust Brown, the new governor's wife. Joe Mathews on how she keeps Jerry Brown grounded.

Jerry Brown narrowly leads in the race for California’s statehouse. But bringing in 42 this weekend risks stirring up some bad memories. Joe Mathews on the Democrats’ big-name frenemies.

The media frenzy over an undocumented housekeeper has dropped Meg Whitman down to 40 percent likely to win California’s gubernatorial race, trailing Democrat Jerry Brown, according to our Election Oracle that mixes polling with opinions from millions of online posts and tweets.

Meg Whitman isn’t the only gubernatorial candidate with a legal skirmish in her past. Ann Louise Bardach reports Brown violated U.S. sanction law on a visit to Cuba by using a CIA turncoat as a travel agent.

With Brown expected to win California's biggest democratic prize Tuesday, Joe Mathews gets a look at his personal mail from his first run as governor, and finds little has changed in the last 30 years.