Orrin Hatch

New Nepotism

Spoiled Rotten Kids of DC’s Elite

A governor’s daughter is made CEO without a MBA. A senator’s son starts a hedge fund right out of college. Democrats have joined Republicans in the new nepotism.

The Tea Party Targets

Conservative champions like Orrin Hatch are running for their political lives in the Tea Party era. Jill Lawrence on the senators being targeted and their chances of survival.

Justice Clinton?

Exciting the punditry, Orrin Hatch suggested he's heard Hillary Clinton is a candidate to be nominated to the Supreme Court. It still seems to be a rumor more than anything else, but the idea is sure to stir up some discussion. NBC

Hatch: Give Seat to Kennedy's Widow

On State of the Union, Orrin Hatch and Chris Dodd say they both think Ted Kennedy's widow, Vicki, ought to be considered for his interim successor in the Senate. CNN