Philip Roth


Philip Roth denied that ‘The Plot Against America’ was an indictment of George W. Bush. But the 2004 novel’s themes of powerlessness and rage certainly resonated at the time.


In Listen Up Philip, Jason Schwartzman plays a self-involved, unfiltered, and cantankerous artist who makes audiences go, ‘Wow, that guy is awful, but I see why girls like him.’

Getting Unstuck

It took a timely death and a stint at Yaddo to jolt Philip Roth out of the writer’s block that had kept him from finishing his breakthrough comic novel of lust and masturbation.

Fifty Shades of What?

Fifty what? Puh-lease. Before E.L. James ever appeared on the scene, Jackie Collins was already taking over the publishing world with her raunchily fun novels of sex and intrigue in Hollywood. Her latest is The Power Trip, and she has sold well over 500 million copies of her books.