Tim Burton

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‘Nightmare’ Anniversary

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ landed quietly in theaters 20 years ago today—but ended up spawning a culture of its own. Director Henry Selick shares secrets behind the cult classic.

How Helena Became a Freak

In the new movie Alice in Wonderland, Helena Bonham Carter plays the big-headed Red Queen—her latest over-the-top role. How the British goddess began playing freaks.

Alice in Wonderland Premiere

With a major controversy over Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and a studio that’s in chaos under a new boss, Hollywood wonders if Disney has gone down the rabbit hole. Plus, VIEW OUR GALLERY of the Alice in Wonderland premiere.

Burton's Wonderful 'Wonderland'

Disney has released a new trailer for their upcoming, Tim Burton-helmed Alice in Wonderland, and it looks pretty fantastic. The trippy story is perfect for Burton's candy-colored brand of insanity, and with longtime Burton muse Johnny Depp in place as the Mad Hatter, well, we know where we'll be on March 5th.