Tim Burton


See an exclusive clip from the documentary The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened? which explores the 1998 Tim Burton project Superman Lives, featuring Nic Cage as Superman.


The visionary filmmaker behind classics like Edward Scissorhands and Batman sat down with Marlow Stern to discuss his latest project and odd passions.

What’s This?

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ landed quietly in theaters 20 years ago today—but ended up spawning a culture of its own. Director Henry Selick shares secrets behind the cult classic.

In the new movie Alice in Wonderland, Helena Bonham Carter plays the big-headed Red Queen—her latest over-the-top role. How the British goddess began playing freaks.

With a major controversy over Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and a studio that’s in chaos under a new boss, Hollywood wonders if Disney has gone down the rabbit hole. Plus, VIEW OUR GALLERY of the Alice in Wonderland premiere.