Fed Board Nominee Stephen Moore Once Called Trump’s Immigration Position ‘Crazy’

In a 2015 interview, President Trump’s pick to join the Federal Reserve board reportedly called his position on immigration “crazy.” According to CNN, Larry Kudlow, now Trump’s top economic adviser, interviewed Fed board pick Stephen Moore in a 2015 radio interview and said Trump’s policy proposals are “doing damage to the stock market.” Kudlow also remarked that Trump’s “only real supporters” are “the nativist fringe.” At the time, Trump was pushing for stricter immigration laws, including deporting undocumented immigrants. Moore said Trump’s policies would be “bad economics” that could turn voters of color away from the Republican party. “[T]the vast majority of immigrants come to this country because they want a job... They want to share on our freedoms. And that’s what America’s all about,” Moore said. Kudlow concurred, and said Trump’s ideas reminded him of the “worst parts of World War II.” “What the hell is that? That’s not America. That’s not your America,” Kudlow said. “I am third generation from immigrants. That’s not America. No. I mean it’s just crazy.”

In a statement, Kudlow told CNN he should have never made those remarks about Trump’s immigration proposals, because he’s “trying like hell” to fix a “broken” system. Moore told the network he had “a lot of negative things about Donald Trump before [he] met him.”