A History of Cool

Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Wolf of Wall Street' Dancing & More Baller .GIFs

The Internet was taken Monday by a .GIF of DiCaprio dancing in the Wolf of Wall Street trailer. But, as a .GIF-trip back through time reveals, Leo’s always been Mr. Cool.

It was Monday and everyone was a little groggy and dreading the work week ahead, so the powers that be decided to lift our spirits by providing us with the greatest, most baller Leonardo DiCaprio .GIF there ever was. And that’s saying something.

The first trailer for Leo’s upcoming film with Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street, premiered Monday, offering glimpses of DiCaprio chewing the scenery in glorious ’90s-excess fashion as New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort. He plays trash-can basketball with crumpled $100 bills. He makes it rain on FBI agents. He parades around with a monkey, tosses dwarves around his office, and, in the .GIF that has officially won the Internet, does some sort of amazing pop-and-lock, robot dance that is at once incredibly goofy and unfathomably cool.

It’s the .GIF, really, that Leo’s been building toward over the course of his entire career. Here, a history of Leonardo DiCaprio, the Baller, as told through .GIFs.