Political Musings

LiLo Tweets To Obama

Lindsay Lohan is suddenly getting all political on us—or on Twitter, rather. The actress voiced her opinion on tax reform in 140 characters Friday, responding to a tweet from President Obama that claimed he’d cut taxes “for those who need it: middle-class, families, small businesses.” LiLo then fired off a somewhat befuddling tweet, urging President Obama “to cut them for those listed on Forbes as ‘millionaires’ if they are not, you must consider that.” While it’s hard to tell why Lohan is suddenly so fired up on the subject, Forbes’s dig at her last week for spending $46,000 at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont might have something to do with it. Or perhaps she’s suggesting Forbes’s celebrity-listed “millionaires” should receive tax cuts if they’re not millionaires after all, in which case Forbes should take the hint and recalculate Lohan’s net worth.