Man Dubbed 'Crying Nazi' in Charlottesville Vows Revenge Against Left

A white supremacist dubbed the “Crying Nazi” has vowed “complete and total destruction” of the left after self-described neo-Nazi James Alex Fields was found guilty of murder, according to The Washington Post. Christopher Cantwell’s said “an army of fanatics” would exact revenge came on Friday, shortly after Fields was convicted of fatally hitting Charlottesville anti-racism protester Heather Heyer with his car during the “Unite the Right” gathering in 2017. Cantwell, who got his embarrassing moniker when he appeared to tear up after learning cops wanted to arrest him, was “mostly in the middle” of the violent rally, The Post had previously reported. His screed, which was targeted at “Charlottesville and the broad Left,” was posted on Gab, a social media platform favored by far-right users. While Cantwell was the star of a Vice/HBO documentary on far-right rallies, this crying was caught on video, undermining his stature in this community. Cantwell’s OKCupid profile, which indicated interest in marriage and kids, was leaked shortly thereafter. The dating website permanently banned him. Cantwell pleaded guilty to charges related to Charlottesville and was credited for the 107 days he spent behind bars.  He was also ordered not to step foot in Virginia for five years, The Post said.