Man Who Sold Ammo to Las Vegas Shooter: ‘I Think About It Every Day’

An Arizona man who sold ammunition to Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock said he thinks about the horrific mass shooting “every day.” Douglas Haig, 55, said he met Paddock at gun shows and sold him tracer ammunition. It was only later, after Paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, in October 2017, that Haig realized what had happened. “I was horrified,” said Haig. “I think about it every day. Every day.” He added, “It was enough to make me not want to do the business anymore. Because I couldn’t tell that this guy had evil in him.” It remains unclear whether Paddock actually used the ammunition sold to him by Haig. Police have named Haig as a person of interest in the mass shooting.