Man With Bloodied Hands Rants After London Machete Attack (VIDEO)

Watch video of a man with bloodied hands ranting shortly after a London machete attack.

A beheading in broad daylight. A possible soldier, reportedly returning to his barracks, viciously attacked in a modern metropolis. This was London today, where two men wielding what were called "meat cleavers" by witnesses slashed a man in the middle of the street, near a primary school. Following the attack, a man with bloodied hands and carrying two large knives—one believed to be a machete—approached a camera to justify what just happened. The video was shot by someone on his way to a job interview.

Government sources told the BBC the attackers yelled out "Allahu Akbar" as they knifed the soldier to death, tearing into him as if "they were trying to remove organs," according to one witness.

When the police arrived a full 20 minutes later, the two men were still waiting around. The officers got out of their car and the two men rushed them, a pistol and knives reportedly in tow. The police fired. Both men were injured, one seriously.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said there are "strong indications that [the attack] is a terrorist incident."