Who's Rational?

Mark Levin's Battle With Reality

Only Mark Levin would dismiss the country's most influential morning TV show because the host does not talk on the radio.

On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin derided MSNBC host Joe Scarborough as a “pathetic troll” who pretends to be a conservative. … “He’s not a conservative, and he failed at talk radio,” Levin said. “Joe, don’t blame me. Don’t blame everybody else if you’re not important. I’m doing you a favor. I’m playing your voice on my program. I’m giving you attention — attention that many of my listeners don’t think you deserve, but here I am. I’m magnanimous toward you.”

Er, right.

There was a period in my life when I knew Mark Levin a little. I thought him an intelligent person, even when he did not say or write intelligent things. But spending 3 hours a day monologuing has deleterious effects on a person's self-awareness. And getting trapped inside a feed-back loop with an audience that is old, alienated, and angry has even more deleterious effect's on a person's awareness of the society around them.