Marla Maples Got Only $1 Million in Prenup Agreement With Trump

President Trump and his former wife, Marla Maples, reportedly battled over figures in a prenuptial agreement up until a day before they tied the knot in 1993. According to a copy of the agreement obtained by Vanity Fair, Trump agreed to pay Maples only $1 million if they separated within five years and another $1 million to buy a home. Trump also stipulated he would stop paying the $100,000 child support payments for his daughter, Tiffany, when she turned 21, got a “full-time job, enlisted in the military, or joined the Peace Corps.” Maples reportedly wanted $25 million from the agreement, and attempted to hold out for better terms. Twenty-four hours before their wedding, Maples reportedly surrendered to Trump’s terms. An “extensive confidentiality agreement” was also part of the prenup, in which Maples vowed not to publish “any diary, memoir, letter, story, photograph, interview, article, essay, account or description or depiction of any kind whatsoever... concerning (or seeming to concern) the details of the parties’ marriage.”

Maples reportedly considered breaking her silence about the marriage during the 2016 election, going so far as to write a memoir and to speak with a publisher. However, Maples is said to have dropped the idea after a meeting in Trump Tower with her ex-husband and Ivanka Trump.