Question 6

Maryland's Marriage Moment?

Maryland will settle same-sex marriage the right way: at the ballot box. In November, Marylanders will vote on Question 6, an initiative to amend the state constitution to allow same-sex marriage. At present, polls show the "yes" forces 8 points ahead. This lead is fragile, because the "yes" force is very thinly financed -and TV airtime in the crucial Washington DC market is being bid up, up, and up by the national presidential campaigns trying to sway voters in northern Virginia. (As Virginia evolves into a swing state, Washington suddenly is seeing all those TV ads it used to make for export purposes only.)

Here's the most interesting fact about Question 6: It is polling at 30% among Romney voters. Internal polls suggest that Question 6 holds an outright majority among Maryland Republicans under age 44.

With TV buying decisions being made this very week, now is the time to help, if you'd like to help.

Maryland All Families is the political action committee for Question 6 that specifically seeks to reach Maryland Republicans and libertarians. It is run effectively and frugally by Walter Olson, who in his day job runs the famous Overlawyered blog.

In presidential campaigns, you often wonder what difference your $50 or $75 can make. In Maryland, it could sway a state - and with it, a country.