Matthew Albence, Who Compared Detention Centers to ‘Summer Camp,’ Tapped to Lead ICE: Report

The Trump administration has tapped Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting Deputy Director Matthew Albence to lead the agency, BuzzFeed News reports. Albence will reportedly replace acting Director Ron Vitiello, who was nominated to lead the agency before Trump pulled Vitiello’s nomination because the president reportedly wanted to go in a “tougher” direction. It’s unclear how long Albence will remain in the leadership role. This comes after a number of high-profile officials at the Department of Homeland Security—including former Secretary Kirstjen Neilsen—have left their posts.

Albence penned a 2017 memo that ordered immigration officials to “take action against all undocumented immigrants” that come across the border. He also compared the agency’s “family residential centers” to a “summer camp” during a congressional hearing. “These individuals have access to 24-7 food and water...There’re basketball courts, exercise classes, soccer fields...In fact, many of these individuals the first time they’ve seen a dentist is when they’ve come to one of our FRCs,” he said.