Megyn Kelly, NBC’s $23 Million Woman, Tells Star Actresses How to Negotiate Better

The talk-show host negotiated for herself one of the biggest salaries in her industry, and on Monday she shared some negotiating tips with some famous actresses.


The host of Megyn Kelly Today—NBC News’ highest paid personality with a reported salary of $23 million per year—shared her tough-minded negotiating tactics with three star actresses appearing on Monday’s show to promote a movie and discuss Hollywood’s #MeToo movement.

Ellen Pompeo came out recently with a piece in The Hollywood Reporter and said that too often, women are afraid of being greedy,” the 47-year-old Kelly told actor/director/writer Sally Potter and fellow cast members Patricia Clarkson and Emily Mortimer, stars of the sexual politics comedy The Party.

“Actually, when you’re in a contract negotiation, you must be greedy,” Kelly insisted. “I always say, having practiced law for ten years, you must be a pig. That is the time to be comfortable just going for it.”

When the 58-year-old Clarkson—one of the busier actresses in film, television, and theater—admitted that often, women are “just so thankful to have the job—we’re just so thankful that we’re not gonna make waves,” Kelly shot back: “But of course that’s exactly the wrong way to think about it. She [meaning Potter] didn’t give you that role because you’re a nice person. You got it because of your talent. Women need to remember that more: Go in there with a little bit of hubris.”

Works for her.