Mel Gibson Rant Quote Quiz

The Oscar winner’s latest slurs caught on tape have shocked many. But we saw the early signs in the characters he’s played. TAKE OUR QUIZ to see if you can attribute these quotes to his offensive rant or one of his onscreen roles.

Donald Traill / AP Photo; Everett Collection

Oscar winner Mel Gibson has driven his career into the ground this week with his odious comments hurled at his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, in RadarOnline’s recently released telephone recordings between the toxic couple. But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard offensive words spewing from the actor’s mouth—and we’re not just talking about his anti-Semitic DUI arrest in 2007. From his role as cocky cop Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon franchise to his voicing of the equally racist John Smith in Disney’s Pocahontas, TAKE OUR QUIZ to see if you can match the quote with the right Gibson role or if it’s actually a snippet from the shocking records.

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Jaimie Etkin is an assistant culture editor at The Daily Beast. She has also written for Us Weekly and Radar.