Michael Avenatti: I Took Stormy Daniels to ‘Another Level’

In an interview with Vanity Fair, lawyer Michael Avenatti said he saw an “opportunity” in Stormy Daniels’ case against President Trump and was able to level up her public profile. “When I met with Stormy, I saw an avenue by which I could do collateral damage to Donald Trump and those around him for what appeared to me to be illegal conduct and rigging a presidential election. I saw that as an opportunity to do something that was just, that was right, and to basically go all in,” Avenatti told the magazine. “She was known as headlining the Make America Horny Again tour, and I took her to another level.” The attorney, who is facing multiple lawsuits and federal extortion charges after an arrest by the FBI, said he knew his foray into the national stage would have a great ending or a terrible one. “Some would argue at this point that I flew too close to the sun,” he said. “As I sit here today, yes, absolutely, I know I did. No question. Icarus.” Avenatti also lamented how “unbelievably great everything was” before the scandals cropped up, with the news interviews and political fame. “Now, there are days when I can’t believe what a nightmare this is,” he said.