Cops Say Tennessee Man Killed Seven People, Including 12-Year-Old Girl

The death toll in a suspected killing spree in Tennessee has risen to seven people, including a 12-year-old girl. Michael Cummins, 25, was taken into custody Saturday night following a shootout with cops. Authorities initially found five bodies at two rural homes in Sumner County, but forensic scientists found two more Sunday and are still looking for more. Cummins is believed to be related to some of the victims. “We think they all occurred [Saturday],” said Ray Whitley, the Sumner County district attorney general. “That’s what I think. The bodies haven’t even been moved yet, so everything is suggested.” Cummins was shot in the leg by cops and is scheduled to have surgery before being charged. “We’ve never had this many deceased people in a criminal case before ... It’s pretty shocking to everybody.” Asked if he expected to find more bodies, he said: “I hope not.”