Michael Flynn Made Overtures to Trump Ally Matt Gaetz While Cooperating With Mueller: CNN

While President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was cooperating with federal prosecutors as part of the Russia investigation last year, he was also reportedly sending unsolicited messages to Trump ally Rep. Matt Gaetz urging him to keep up his criticism of the probe. “You stay on top of what you're doing. Your leadership is so vital for our country now. Keep the pressure on,” Flynn told Gaetz in April 2018, according to CNN, which said it had obtained the messages. Gaetz reportedly received that message on the same day he publicly blasted the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller in an appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight. Flynn is said to have sent Gaetz another unprompted message in February 2019, when Attorney General William Barr was confirmed. In that message, according to CNN, Flynn sent Gaetz images of a bald eagle and an American flag, and nothing else.