Michael Jackson Impersonator in Jury Pool for El Chapo Trial

A Michael Jackson impersonator and a man who knows “El Chapo” as the name of a bagel were among the potential jurors quizzed Monday as the cartel kingpin's first U.S. trial got underway. El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquin Guzman sat at a table in a dark suit, listening to New Yorkers answer questions about their knowledge of him, the Associated Press reported. One prospective juror said a deli near his job sells a bagel sandwich with Guzman’s moniker. “I don’t know why it’s called the ‘El Chapo,’” he told the court. “But it’s delicious.” Because of Guzman’s ruthless reputation, the jurors will be anonymous, which gave prosecutors pause while deciding whether to seat one man. Because he works as a Michael Jackson impersonator, they worried that his identity would not be fully protected, the AP reported. Jury selection continues Tuesday with opening arguments in the 16-week trial scheduled for next week.