At Least a Dozen Levees Breached in ‘Historic’ Midwest Flooding

Hundreds of homes have flooded in several Midwestern states after swollen rivers breached at least a dozen levees. About 200 miles of levees were compromised in four states—Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas—and the flooding has been blamed for at least four deaths. Authorities warned Monday that the flooding could go on for some time as the traditional wet season hasn’t even begun. “The water isn’t going to be gone, and the levees aren’t going to be fixed this year,” said Tom Bullock, the emergency management director for Missouri’s Holt County. Vice President Mike Pence is due to travel to Nebraska Tuesday to visit communities devastated by the record flooding, CNN reports. Seventy-four cities have issued emergency declarations in Nebraska, where Gov. Pete Ricketts called the flooding the “most widespread disaster we have had in our state’s history.”