Mike Pompeo: John Kerry Meeting with Iranian Officials is ‘Beyond Inappropriate’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed his predecessor John Kerry after Kerry said he met with Iranian officials after leaving office. “What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented,” Pompeo said Friday, according to CNN. “This is a former secretary of state engaged with the world's largest state sponsor of terror and according to him, he was talking to them, he was telling them to wait out this administration.” He continued, saying Kerry “ought not engage in this kind of behavior” and calling it “beyond inappropriate.” In recent interviews promoting his new book, Kerry disclosed that he met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif “ three or four times” since leaving his Secretary of State role to talk about the Iran nuclear agreement—which the U.S. has pulled out of but Iran, the EU, Russia, and China are still sticking to. While President Trump called the meetings “illegal,” a spokesman for Kerry said there was “nothing unusual…  about former diplomats meeting with foreign counterparts.”