Minnesota Cop Says He Fatally Shot Unarmed Australian Woman to Protect His Partner

A Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an unarmed Australian American woman in 2017 told a court that he pulled the trigger to “stop the threat” after seeing fear in his partner’s eyes, NBC News reports. Officer Mohamed Noor told a court that he shot Justine Ruszczyk Damond after she ran toward his patrol car after reporting a possible sex assault in the back alley behind her home. Damond called 911 when she heard what sounded like a sexual assault on her property. Noor and his partner, Matthew Harrity, responded to the call and were driving down Damond’s back alley when she apparently ran up to their squad car and caught them off-guard. Noor testified that Harrity yelled, “Oh Jesus!” when Damond knocked on the passenger side window. Noor said he then saw a woman in a pink shirt with blond hair outside Harrity’s driver’s side window and when she raised her right arm, he made a split-second decision. “I fired one shot,” he told the court. “My intent was to stop the threat and save my partner’s life.”