Missouri Forcing Women to Have Pelvic Exams 72 Hours Before Abortions, Says Doctor

Missouri state officials are forcing physicians to perform pelvic exams on women ahead of abortions, according to a doctor who works at the last abortion clinic left in the state. David Eisenberg told the Los Angeles Times that, since the state’s governor signed a law banning abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy, he’s been forced to carry out the exams. They reportedly have to happen at least 72 hours before every abortion and critics say it’s aimed as another move to dissuade women from having abortions. “What I realized was I effectively have become an instrument of state abuse of power,” said Eisenberg. “As a licensed physician, I am compelled by the state of Missouri to put my fingers in a woman’s vagina when it’s not medically necessary.” The doctor added that he feels like he’s losing a battle against the state to maintain access to legal abortion. “In reality, over the last 10 years, we have been digging our heels in and trying not to slide backward,” he said. “And we are sliding faster and deeper.”